Saturday, September 29, 2012

ClementinesBottle Tutorial Video

(Watch the short time lapse movie.)
I got several requests to make a tutorial demo for this painting, so here it is ! The clementines just are a nice, colorful subject to paint I guess. (And they stay fresh for a long time.) Features in this movie:

  • Comments on how to paint DUST on objects
  • Tricks to achieve a sense of LIGHT and DEPTH in a painting
  • Comments on specific paint mixtures used, for each area in the painting
  • Using different mediums for initial couch and for painting in later stages
  • No sound but english comments in subtitles
  • 11 1/2 hour Full painting from start to end, no brush stroke left out.

Price: 10 Euro, payment via PayPal / Credit Card
You will receive the download link in your mail a few minutes after the payment is completed.

ClementinesBottle Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 2GB, 11.5 hours. Playable on Win/Mac/linux with VLC Player. For problems/questions: please leave your comments on the blog or contact me at josvanr (at)


I don't have a picture of the setup in the movie, so I'm adding it here.
The painting is placed more or less directly next to the setup, for easy comparing. The painting is illuminated by 6 solux bulbs (not visible here). The setup on the right is illuminated by fluorescent tubes in the ceiling (Philips tld 90 de luxe, 3x 5550k, 1x 3500k.) I use curtains to partly put the setup in the shadow, for creating more depth and drama in the painting...