Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still life with Purple Napkin Tutorial Video

 (watch the time lapse movie on youtube)

A very long movie this time (27 hours), I spent a lot of time and effort on this one. Look over my shoulder, as I work on an elaborate, multi layered still life painting. Contains about 200  detailed, written comments on what I am thinking about when painting, mainly technical issues:
  • How to paint using multiple layers of paint, in multiple day sessions
  • Which type of surface to paint on and which preparation I use
  • Which mediums and paints I use
  • Which brushes I use when and why
  • Notes about the lighting I use (artificial light)
  • Covering several material expressions (glass, cloth, fruit, ceramic bowl etc)
  • Wet-into-wet and wet over dry painting
  • How to fuse a new layer of paint with an old layer
  • Notes on how to create space/depth in a painting
  • How to make objects sit IN the painting and not glued on top 
  • Notes on how to create the illusion of light
  • Some tricks to paint ellipses
  • How I use rulers to paint perfect straight strokes
  • NO SOUND but many written comments in english
  • Full 27 hours of actual painting (see time lapse movie)
Price: 20 Euro, payment via PayPal / Credit Card
You will receive the download link in your mail a few minutes after the payment is completed. If you don't see the mail please check your spam box or send me an email.

Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 4.6GB, 27 hours 4 min. Playable on Win/Mac/linux with VLC Player. For problems/questions: please leave your comments on the blog or contact me at josvanr (at)
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