Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pomegranate Still Life, Tutorial Video

A new still life tutorial is here! This one went rather smoothly. I set out to get clean edges from the start, so as to get a more or less finished look from the first brush strokes. Also varied the medium and painting surface slightly. Brief features:

  • 12 1/2 hour Full painting from start to end, nothing left out
  • Palette visible in full view
  • No sound but english comments in subtitles
  • Improved video quality (less blocky than previous movie)
  • Topics touched upon: new stand oil based medium, easel ligting, realism enhancing edge work, and more..

Price: 10 Euro, payment via PayPal / Credit Card
You will receive the download link in your mail a few minutes after the payment is completed.

Pomegranate Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 2GB, 12.5 hours. Playable on Win/Mac/linux with VLC Player. For problems/questions: please leave your comments on the blog !