Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still life with Purple Napkin Tutorial Video

 (watch the time lapse movie on youtube)

A very long movie this time (27 hours), I spent a lot of time and effort on this one. Look over my shoulder, as I work on an elaborate, multi layered still life painting. Contains about 200  detailed, written comments on what I am thinking about when painting, mainly technical issues:
  • How to paint using multiple layers of paint, in multiple day sessions
  • Which type of surface to paint on and which preparation I use
  • Which mediums and paints I use
  • Which brushes I use when and why
  • Notes about the lighting I use (artificial light)
  • Covering several material expressions (glass, cloth, fruit, ceramic bowl etc)
  • Wet-into-wet and wet over dry painting
  • How to fuse a new layer of paint with an old layer
  • Notes on how to create space/depth in a painting
  • How to make objects sit IN the painting and not glued on top 
  • Notes on how to create the illusion of light
  • Some tricks to paint ellipses
  • How I use rulers to paint perfect straight strokes
  • NO SOUND but many written comments in english
  • Full 27 hours of actual painting (see time lapse movie)
Price: 20 Euro, payment via PayPal / Credit Card
You will receive the download link in your mail a few minutes after the payment is completed. If you don't see the mail please check your spam box or send me an email.

Movie format: Avi/Mpeg4. Size: 4.6GB, 27 hours 4 min. Playable on Win/Mac/linux with VLC Player. For problems/questions: please leave your comments on the blog or contact me at josvanr (at)
For more information on my palette etc. go to


  1. Hi, very good job! I like it! In the notes inside the video, Do you describe the mediums, drying times, brushes, etc? Thanks

    1. thnx ! Yes mediums, which surface I use, lighting, brushes, paints, what touches of paint I'm applying when, how to soften edges etc. etc. All that comes to my mind when I'm painting. ....

  2. Thnx, I adapted the description a bit...

    1. You're inspiring me. Can I download your video to iPad?

    2. Is this a permanent download or a streamlined only

    3. hi, its an avi/mpeg4 download.....

  3. Hi Jos,
    Where do you buy the preprimed MDF?

    1. Local hardware store ('Wanco' Nijmegen).........

  4. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Really Nice stuff of information for artist, with such a great post anyone can easily get insight of painting and related stuff.

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  6. Dag Jos,
    Zijn de MDF panelen kant en klaar bij Wanc?alle Wanco of alleen in Nijmegen,

    1. hallo, je kunt de platen op maat laten zagen. Maar je moet ze wel zelf voorbewerken met acryl gesso voor je er op kunt schilderen.......

  7. I buy your video and then paint it,my question is can I sell this painting later by giving credit to you ?

    1. hmm haha I'm not sure about that. .. Why dont you make your own composition instead?